fave - New Design for Facebook

fave is an extention for Chrome that adds new design to Facebook.
fave changes only the layout, not the functionality of Facebook.
The new look have 2 columns and less elements.
fave adds timer, quick links to groups, pages newsfeed, events and calendar, photos of friends and more.

- 2 columns layout optimized for Chromebook.
- Adds timer - now you can see how long you are on Facebook.
- Quick links to Facebook groups, pages, events, calendar, friend's photos, friends list, Facebook messenger and Whatsapp.
- Removes the right side of the Facebook Newsfeed.
- Makes the left side smaller.
- Makes the chats panel only with photos and status.
- Changes the position of the search bar.

Author of fave is Ivan Belchev, webdesigner based in Munich, Germany.

The extension does not collect any information, but requires access to your tabs and facebook.com.

How to change Facebook layout? The answer is simple - get fave.

WhatsApp Online Version

Many people around the world use the powerful communication tool WhatsApp and it's easier than any other form of communicating. For some of them this is the only way to interact with people.

Screenshot of WhatsApp Online

You can use WhatsApp and work in the same time on your PC or Mac by accessing WhatsApp in your browser. If you do not know how to use WhatsApp On-line here are 4 simple steps with screen-shots.